Keep 'em Comin'

Half way (ish) through April and I've made significant headway. Remember when I said that I didn't like Dave's ESL Cafe? Well, so far its proved incredibly helpful. Leave it to me to be completely against something that would have aided in my goals from day one. Eh, there's a learning curve in this whole process, right?

Let me set the scene for you:
-Whatever day it was, Tuesday or so, I was complaining to current coworkers that I'm not gonna get a job, or that my timing won't work out, b/c nothing can be as easy as these websites are making it out to be. Free Housing? Free Airfare? Great pay? Riiiight.
-I posted my letter of interest and my resume up on Dave's site Thursday afternoon almost as a joke (again, b/c the site looks so sketchy), and within the next 24 hours I had 23 inquiries, 7 job offers, and 2 impromptu phone interviews. Not bad eh?
-Thursday night, Jenn is as giddy as a 6 year old with a new toy b/c things are looking up.

Over the course of the next few days I weed out the seemingly legit from the completely crap emails and find one from a company called Access Korea, which I believe I mentioned in the previous post. Jason (head of the company) emailed me, and it was one of the most eloquent, caring, exciting letters I've ever received. It was something from someone who's been through this whole process before personally, and is just out to make sure that people now get the same if not better experience than he had. He sent videos, and audio clips, and quotes from people that have used his agency, and asked for my resume/photo (which is customary in Korea so the schools can get some idea of who they're hiring). After sending this to him, he then asks for a phone interview, which I did on Thursday. On Sunday I received an email from him with the subject, "Looks like Jennifer is going to Korea" and a 50 page guidebook on what to expect. Basically, I'll have job offers coming to me in late June to choose from, as apparently I'm an excellent candidate. yay!

Now, it will remain to be seen if I actually go through Access Korea, because in my opinion due to my personal time table, I want a job secured as soon as possible. However, if worse comes to worse, its nice to know that there are options and that something will come from all of this. If I can hold out, I think I'd really like to work with this company. Apparently they take ski trips and have christmas parties for all of the ESL teachers. Now that's something I can get behind...