The State of Things

I've done a bit of tweaking to the site to jazz it up a bit recently - streamlined it, added in some color, moved some stuff around, and added You Tube videos (that yours truly has taken). Granted, the videos are primarily of concerts (I do still work in Music), but it is only a matter of time before they become very focused on Asian matters. Oh, and yea, I sold out to the man and added Google AdSense so we'll see if I ever actually generate some money with this (that's not my purpose or anything ;).

The next month or two will be pretty slow as far as my Korea updates. I have decided to work with Ask Now Inc. to secure a position primarily, but I'm still keeping Flying Cows Consulting (based out the UK) as a backup just in case. I probably could go through any of the number of recruiters that email me daily, but they don't seem 100% legit. I'm entertaining their information, but I believe the safest bet is with Ask Now, plus they just seem like a fun tight knit group. I get a few emails a week from them with various information about moving to Korea, and I really do look forward to getting to know everyone involved. They have guaranteed me that I will have a job by August as long as I don't forget how to speak English and as long as I'm patient... so here's hoping.

Stuff that I will be looking into in the upcoming weeks will be getting an international driver's license (couldn't hurt right?), storage units for stuff here, packing info (stuff to bring, what not to forget, luggage tips, etc,), learning the language, actually teaching EFL, my lists of things to visit, etc etc. Basically, I'm so incredibly bored and this is all I've got to focus on. ;)