Step 1. Admit You Have a Problem.

The Setup:
I probably should have started this in October last year when I first thought about jumping ship, but it is probably better for everyone involved that I didn't. You would have read a LOT of "OMG, should I do this? is this legit? Am I crazy?" day after day after day. Now that I've had a few months to think about this, as crazy as it sounds, its the most sane decision I've made in years. That calm, cool, collected, and logical statement obviously comes after about 67 freakouts. The point of starting this now is three-fold - 1) I'm bored and excited, and still have quite a few months left to go before I actually leave 2) It'll get me organized and ready 3) It'll answer questions you've all been asking me and then inherently entertain you, and really - that's what I'm here for.

The Basics:
- I'm a 24 year old girl who graduated from Syracuse University and has been working in the music industry for the past 3 years full time. I've partied with the best of 'em in NYC (and 'Cuse), but I'm burnout and jaded and looking for a massive change.
- I received a shiney brand new passport in February of this year, and its burning a hole in my pocket.
-I'm hoping to go to South Korea to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). I'm not entirely picky since its not like I'll know the difference, but I'm hoping for Seoul, Busan (Pusan), or Daegu. Mainly because I want to be near an airport for more traveling fun, and a big city with the opportunity to meet tons of people.

-NYC Lease is up: July 31.
-Last Day of work: ??
-BIG Home Friend Wedding in CNY: Aug 18th.
-Leave Date: Anytime After Aug 18th

What I've Done So Far:
- Got a Passport.
- Bought a new camera (this Asia thing was the excuse I used for buying it, so I suppose I should go, right?)
- Sign up for listservs on,, and peruse sites like Dave's ESL Cafe, random blogs, etc.
- Contacted some recruiting agencies such as: Footprints Recruiting based out of Vancouver, Flying Cows Consultants based out of the UK (where you can see my bland picture and decent resume:
- Talked to Cingular. Apparently I can pay what they call a 'Reduced Rate Suspension' which is $10 a month to keep my phone on while in foreign countries. Which will be very helpful for when I return to visit or to reintegrate.
-Start this blog. (Hey that's productive, right?)

What Has to Happen From Here:
A Lot. - I'm just now figuring out the Visa process (apparently Korea wants my original Diploma - which they'll have to pry that expensive piece of paper from my cold dead hands if they think that's happening), and of course I still need a job before I get too ahead of myself. After that it should be all downhill - signing of contracts, moving, ending work, getting a plane ticket, scheduling an obligatory Going Away party, and most importantly saying goodbye to everyone I've ever known for the unknown. Oh, and I should learn English.

In upcoming posts you will be regailed with my tales of dealing with the daunting task of finding a job, hopefully hearing about my prospects and interviews, and if all goes according to plan (fingers crossed) eventually the insanity of actually being in Asia. Be sure to expect a lot of information, and of course pictures. ;)

In Case you couldn't guess below is the South Korean Flag (an image I've fallen in love with):