So... I'm Going to Asia...

Well, its taken a few days, but I've come to grips with the scope of this whole thing. Obviously I knew this was coming, and I've been preparing for it, but there's something to be said for when this kind of thing officially happens. Reality sets in and a '!!' becomes a '...'.

I signed my contract today, which was 7 pages long, and faxed it back to the recruiter. Figuring out how to work a fax to send something internationally took me a minute, but I added in a few extra numbers and it seemed to have worked. When in doubt, push extra buttons - if it doesn't explode, you win.

I thought for a second that I'd scan it to show you, but there's really no point to that since its pretty basic. I will be paid 2.0 Million Won each month (whoo hoo I'm a millionaire!) which works out to be about $2,000 USD, 10 vacation days, free roundtrip tickets, 50% health insurance, a pension plan that SHOULD get refunded to me at the end of the contract, a month's bonus at the end of the 12 months, an orientation/training time of 3-10 days and be paid 40,000 won each day during that time, and be set up with my own studio apartment which they will pay for. My expenses will be minimal, as it consists of electricity/gas/water/phone/tv (if i want it, and I probably won't) which should, rumor has it, come out to be $100-150 total per month. I'll also be using Skype as well (more information to come).

I will be working for the SLP school in Suji Gu, Yong In Si which is about 25-30 minutes from downtown Seoul. My leave date is August 20th and the details are still a little fuzzy as far as if I will be flying out of Syracuse, NY or if I will be flying out of Newark, NJ. Syracuse is easiest since I'll be home, but Newark will allow me to spend my last night in New York, have less connections, and meet up with my friend to fly out together from the beginning. It's up to the recruiter/school at this point to figure all of that out. More on that as things develop.

So what happens next? The visa process. I will be receiving an E2 visa, but generally E4's are what is needed to travel in and out of an asian country, but for some reason Korea is exempt from this. I now have to Fed-Ex all of the following materials to the school in Korea:

- My Original Diploma (I'm assured I will get this very expensive piece of paper back)
- A sealed copy of my official university transcripts
- A copy of my resume
- A copy of my passport picture page (copy only)
- Signed contract
- 2 passport-sized photos

After I take care of that this week, basically all there's left to do is wait, pack, and go. I'll be researching more things like Banking, Phones, US Tax information (like, do I have to pay any?), and then making lists of everything I'll need to bring and such.

Other than that, all that's left to do is officially tell work I will no longer be an employee here. As exciting as it is (I've had dreams of running into the HR office, jumping up and down, and saying, "PEACE OUT SUCKAS!") , it really is bittersweet.