Goodbye New York!

Today was a very very bittersweet day. I’ve never had this feeling of leaving something and being completely ready to leave it, but knowing that its still going to continue on the same way without me. Sure, I’ll be missed (who wouldn’t miss me?) and of course I’ll keep in touch with so many people, but in the grand scheme of things my friends will continue to hang out, and go to cool things, and meet amazing people. Not that I won’t, but there’s something I truly enjoyed about going through all of the motions with the people I keep closest to me.

All of that comes out of my head at 11:40pm when I sit alone in the Jet Blue Terminal at JFK airport awaiting what was supposed to be a 10:55pm flight to Syracuse. Not only will I be leaving at the exact time I should have been landing, but once I get to Syracuse at like 1:15am, then there’s that great 45 minute drive in darkness to Auburn. At least my brother and his fiancé are nice enough to pick me up and do the driving.

Overall I’m just so ready to get back to CNY. I wish I had more time there, but I’m kind of glad I don’t. I’ll enjoy it more that way. I work well under pressure, and this will force me to get some stuff done and visit some people. The best part is the sleeping in on Friday.

My last day at WMA went way too fast. How is that I spent however many days there where time would just tick by ever so slowly, but today just FLEW? I sent out my reports at 930, had my exit interview at 11am, sent out my goodbye email around 1130 and then the rest of the day was spent replying to some of the nicest emails I’ve ever gotten from people I have come to call good friends, and some I barely even know, hell haven’t even met (in other offices). I wanted to leave around 515, but honestly couldn’t tear myself away from the place until 630. Overall a crappy place to work after a year or two of being there, but I’m ever so thankful for it as it really was a transition from College to Entertainment Business.

**Anyway, I wrote most of that in the airport at that time, but the flight didn’t end up leaving until 115am, and I got into Cuse at 2, and was home and in bed dead asleep by 330. Overall an extremely long trip for no real reason, but its nice to be home, and I’ll be out to South Korea on Wednesday. Time flies… and I’ll miss you New York.