Field Trip: KBS (Korean Broadcasting Station)

This morning myself, one other foreign teacher, a handful of Korean teachers, and about 30 korean preschool children went to the Korean Broadcasting System on a field trip. And I have to tell you, field trips are just as much fun when you're an adult as they were when you were a kid. The only difference is that you have to pay attention as an adult so you don't LOSE your children (which no one did today). Also, since I do not speak Korean it was almost a license to do what I wanted.

KBS is comparable to NPR in America. Now, I don't know much about NPR's complete set up to speak on it, but I do know that KBS is pretty big here. We went to its operation located in Suwon, which was about a 30 minute drive from Suji on a very hazy day. Both of my preschool classes were in attendance and today definitely helped me find my inner child. Believe it or not, even though I always thought myself to be a big kid (I like toys, cartoons, and generally don't ever want to act like an adult) I've had a hard time being creative and thinking child-like when it comes to these kids.

Anyway, we got the kids on the bus... got to KBS, wandered through the museum part and then onto the actual tv sets. The best part was when we got outside and walked through this old tyme Korean Western Village:

The day overall was pretty great. The kids were really well behaved and enjoying themselves, and there was so much korean spoken that I really have no idea what was going on, but it was some place I never expected to go, and that in and of itself is cool.