My First Trip to Seoul

My first thought... "Now this is where I wanted to be"

Now in all fairness, I do like Suji, and in the long run this little ghetto-fabulous area of the world will do me a lot of good. BUT compared to how amazing Seoul was, it was a bit to swallow on the first trip in.

First off, I was going to get out of Suji today if it killed me. There's only so many places you can really go here, and wherever you do wind up going I guarantee all you'll really see is neon signs or apartment (lego) buildings. My favorite part of Suji so far is the Lotte Mart, and it is just a gigantic piece of property with a very huge target/walmart/sam's club/bj's type place all mixed into one.

However, like any big city, Seoul is where the culture is. There are museums, and markets, and squares, and shopping districts, and architecture and restaurants and everything. Sure it'll cost you, but you at least have variety and options. I was lucky enough to go into Seoul with a couple of the girls on my staff to see the Monet Exhibit at the Seoul Museum of Art. For 10,000 Won (~$10) we went into a Museum with 3 floors and perused some of the most famous paintings in the world. After two hours or so we just happened to walk around Seoul a bit, find some food at a place called, "The Place" which happened to cater primarily towards american food (sandwiches, pasta, salads) and was pretty cheap all things considered and hopped back on the bus. I gotta tell ya... salad has never tasted so good.

The interesting thing about Seoul is that there's a gigantic Mountain in the middle of it, as well as the Han River. There's a walking path along the river that if it ever stops raining here, I will definitely walk on. I also cannot wait to do Seoul Tower (one of the largest buildings in Asia) and the Zoo, and anything else it has to offer.

I imagine I will be spending most of my weekend time enjoying Seoul....