Coex Aquarium

Anyone who knows me knows what a sucker I am for a good aquarium. I practically become a 6 year old around fish. SO when we weren't able to go to our Korean Play-Off baseball game due to its sold-outness we decided to fill the time going into Gongnam to the Coex Aquarium and in some respects I think it was the better decision.

It was unlike any aquarium I've been in, solely for the exhibit that featured fish in various aquariums that weren't exactly aquariums as much as they were modern art or random appliances or well, toilets.

Yes, there is a fish in there.

It was 15,500W to get in, and took about 2-3 hours to get all the way through. There are various themed areas of the whole place consisting of the random art/aquarium section, the Rainforest, and my personal favorite - the gigantic shark tank which had a walk through overhead tunnel that they would swim over you as you stood on a very slow moving sidewalk.

One of the most interesting things I saw there was a tank in the ceiling where you would have to lay down on a circular bench in order to see it:

Also, let's not forget about the area of the rainforest that featured a two-headed turtle:

And it of course had its Asian flair:

Overall I was really impressed and would actually go back there eventually. At some point I'll edit this blog and stick the video I have up with the sharks, but now you'll have to settle for pictures of fish in refridgerators, showers, and computers: