Basement Jaxx in Gangnam

It is no secret that I spent 3 years working in the Music Industry, and that I saw and did some stuff that people usually only dream about doing. I came to Korea to kind of get away from all that to see if by getting away would I miss it and go back, or would I leave it in my past forever? After all, it is a very superficial world, its a stressful world, and it's a hard world to make a life in. However - while I'm figuring that all out that does NOT mean I don't miss its perks.

I was going to roughly 3 shows a week on the average at home and since coming here in August I have seen a whopping zero. However, through word of mouth I was informed that the Basement Jaxx would be playing a very small club in Gangnam. Since I had seen no posters around for this and wasn't sure, I did a bit of research and emailed the old company to see if it was legit (Basement Jaxx are represented by WMA) and indeed it was.

After spending 40,000 hard earned Won, we all danced like we had never danced before to the sweet sweet sounds of electronic music. Club Mass was a 1000+ person venue that had a terrible barstaff, but an excellent environment and it was one of the best nights I have had in Korea so far.