Vote From Abroad! (on line!!)

As we all know, it is a presidential election year back in the good ol' US of A and we are knee deep in the primaries that occur all throughout the country. We will FINALLY be able to be rid of that bumbling buffoon 'dubya', and either be confronted with yet another failure, or maybe, just maybe, someone who knows what they're doing. One can only hope.

Either way, I will be the first one to tell you that being thousands of miles away from it all has been kind of nice. I don't have to watch the empty rhetorical debates unless I want to, I am not subject to the onslaught of character discussions on public radio, and I can choose not to click on the links of the news sites I read everyday.

While this may sound like the endless drivel of a jaded former New Yorker who has spent 1/3 of her life with W. as the president, I am here to forward on valuable information. Voting is an important right as an American, and as traditional as apple pie and baseball. It is something people before us fought so hard to get and the least we can do now is take a minute to register and then cast our ballots for whoever the lesser of all evils turns out to be.

Just because someone is abroad does not mean they give up their right to vote. In fact, it is quite the opposite. We all know that we can send in an Absentee Ballot, but we also all know that the odds of that ballot being counted for something is slim to none. However, technology has come to our aid. This morning My Way News reported that you can now vote on line while living abroad. The group, 'Democrats Abroad' have conjured up a way to register with their site, and then send in all votes via internet through a website called

For the first time, on line ballots will be cast. Sure there are probably a million bugs within the system, but hey, at least its a turn in the right direction. Happy Voting!