Swimming in Chocolate on Valentine's Day

Holidays are fascinating in this country, and every time one rolls around I cannot wait to see how the Koreans celebrate it. Valentine's Day was no different.

At home I could careless about this stupid holiday - and this is NOT coming from a bitter single girl place. I'd say this in a relationship or not. Sure, its cute, and a great excuse to get a flower or some candy or something, but overall Hallmark invented it and there's nothing else to it. The only thing I like about this day is that in 1929 there's some pretty interesting history that happened in Chicago featuring Bugs Moran and Al Capone.

But I digress. Koreans don't have Hallmark, but they sure as hell have a buttload of chocolate. My preschool class informed me yesterday that girls bring chocolate on Valentine's Day and the boys will bring chocolate on White Day in March. White Day being the Singles Awareness Day, apparently. So this morning when I walked into class they had huge bags of chocolate, and my other preschool class kept coming in to give me chocolate as well. Basically by the end of the day I had an entire purse full of various chocolates, cookies, candy, and even a bag of chips. If nothing else, Koreans are an extremely generous people.

Basically I "celebrated" the day like I would any other year - sending out a lot of sarcastic cards from www.someecards.com and going to watch a movie with a friend. Tonight's feature was Jumper featuring Hayden Christenson and Samuel L. Jackson - I highly recommend it. ;)