She's Getting [More] Ink Done

Well... this really doesn't relate much to Korea, but its more of an update.

I got some ink done by a korean tattoo artist back in February and it just didn't take. Now, my friend who went with me and got one at the same time had his heal just fine. We even used the same lotion afterwards. My other friend who used the same guy and went a week later even had his heal fine. I imagine because of a combination of things I just got dealt a crappy hand in this situation.

SO I went back and got it touched up. The guy used darker colors this time which I love, and my mom was kind enough to mail me over some A&D ointment awhile back. Don't ever let anyone tell you that a touch up job for a tattoo doesn't hurt - because reopening what is essentially scar tissue is NOT a pleasant experience. It's not unbearable, but it isn't something I'd willingly do again, that's for sure. The cool thing about it is that he gave me something called 'New Skin' to put on over it afterwards in the place of gauze or plastic wrap. It could have been kept on for 1-2 days, but after 8 hours I got ansy and wanted it to get some air. Very cool plasticy material that actually looked like a very thick piece of skin.

Anyway, I don't believe it was the artist's fault the first time around, and I don't think it was my faulty aftercare either. Just something that didn't work so I'd still recommend going to 2nd Childhood Tattoo Studio in Itaewon if you're lookin at getting some work done.

First Tattoo:

Second Time Around: