The King's Tap in Sinchon - a Gamer's Paradise

Seoul is most definitely known for its nightlife. Areas like Itaewon, Gangnam, and Hondgae are the big hot spots catering to mainly foreigners, but even most party hard Koreans. Every now and again though, a bar will go above and beyond that I just need to write about it. The last time I did this I spoke of the Occult Star Bar in Sinchon that was home to Doctor Fish and hookahs with an excellent atmosphere. This time, I have to talk about The King's Tap, oddly enough - also in Sinchon.

The King's Tap was formerly the London Pub. It was a rather large bar on the 5th floor of a building and it was always pretty quaint. BUT now that it has new owners, FOREIGN owners I might add, the bar has stepped it up quite a bit. It has a professional foosball table, dart boards, touch screen games, a pool table, and probably the most impressive aspect - a shuffleboard table. The menu is also quite good with western food and at good portions for a decent price.

Anyway, the bar caters to the foreign crowd and it does a great job with it. If you find yourself in the Sinchon area, I highly recommend it. Stop by and say hello to the owner, Matt who works hard behind the bar and wears a shirt that says, "King."