Ssssss-trike!!! Bowling in Korea

One of my favorite past times at home is to go bowling. I got roped into joining a bowling league 8 years ago in High School as something fun and random to do on Sunday nights. I was NEVER great, but its always been one of those things that just screams fun to me. At home bowling alleys are dark, dank, smoke ridden, musty places that offer endless cheap pitchers and fried food. Not so much in good ol' SoKo.

After months of talking about it, we finally went to a bowling alley. Now, this MIGHT not be representative of other bowling alleys in this crazy country since we were at Lotte World in Jamsil. This place was family friendly and oozing wholesome, clean, good time fun. Next time if we go, we're definitely loading up on the Poju Cocktails (Powerade + Soju). Games were only 3,600won and shoe rentals only 1,600won.

Overall 3 games and some shoes cost about 12,000. Can't complain now can we? And I might add that I did win all 3 games ;)