Piano Man, Seoul Man - Billy Joel comes to Korea!

I worked in the Music Industry for about 5-6 years during and then after college. Music was my whole life, and I was going to on average about 3-4 concerts a week - some for fun, some for work. And it got to be so annoying having to deal with rappers that needed to be babysat, or industry peeps that were just so overly full of themselves, that I got the hell out and came to Korea. In the 15 months that I've been here I've seen ONE concert, and it was the Basement Jaxx at a club in Gangnam, and it wasn't even a concert, it was a DJ set.

However, Billy Joel came to Seoul and it was incredible. So cool to see a large production in Korea, and Billy's always been a favorite. I last saw him at the Dome 10 years ago and he's still got it. Actually I saw him perform a Syracuse commencement speech 2 years ago, and I swore he was drunk. This time, he just seemed to be having fun. Either way... an excellent evening, a bit too expensive, and the Olympic Park Arena was a pretty sweet place to see a show. Word to the wise though - Olympic Park is NOT located near Olympic Stadium. Made that mistake and wound up traveling a bit longer than anticipated... worth it though!