HAPPY 2009! (*In March....*)

Yea, Ok, shut up. I've taken quiteeeee some time off of this blogging thing. I started a new school in December and went home for two weeks over Xmas, and then have spent the last 3 months just attempting to get my gameplan going on top of basically helping to rebuild this school that I currently find myself at (that I currently don't like).

Basically - expect me back in action pretty regularly from here on out. The cold, disgusting, depressing winter is over and I'm ready to get going on things I've only been talking about. I have quit my job as of this week and have less than 30 days here. I will be coming back to Korea - it is absolutely stupid to leave this kind of lifestyle and go home to the economic woes that everyone else seems to be going through. Even though the exchange rate blows (1000w = 64 cents right now) it is still worth it to stay.

I've got my batteries recharged, new things that I'm going to be doing, and goals for this year. I'm gonna go some much needed traveling, and do some more hiking and things. I've got some friends here, but not too many, and that'll do me just fine.

Now... anyone want to employ me? ;)