Book: Modern Romance

I’m hit or miss with really buzzy books. Either I have to have them in hardcover immediately, or I can be a bit of a hater and eventually wait until they’re in paperback. The latter is the case with this next book:

Title of the Book:  Modern Romance

Author: Aziz Ansari

Fiction or Nonfiction 

Favorite Part of the Story:  This was a surprisingly well written book, especially if you like social psychology and its various studies. The best part of the book for me, was the evolution of dating throughout history. The idea that people met each other because of their physical location in their neighborhoods or even in their buildings in urban settings. And how through time and the increase of technology there’s now more choice than ever, which makes people become a bit more choosy. And due to women’s freedom in the last 50 years, the idea of finding a partner has evolved into the concept of finding a soul mate that supports you, vs a partner that provides for you and is a necessity. Which results in being overwhelmed by choice most of the time.

Rating:  Not great / OK / Great


“At a minimum, young people are growing anxious about real-time phone conversations with people they don’t know well, and particular with potential dates. “I have social anxiety, and having to respond or react on the spot to a phone call or in person would make me overanalyze everything and put myself in a tizzy,” one young woman told us. “I would want to take my time and think of a response that is genuine.” - Chapter 2

If this doesn’t define an entire generation regarding any reason to communicate, I don’t know what does!

Have you read it? What’s your favorite part?


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