Teacher's Day - Best Holiday EVER!

As you may or may not be aware - Korea has some random holiday every month. They've actually planned it out this way. Sometimes its fun (Pepero Day, November 11th) and sometimes it's dumb and redundant (White Day - March - Valentine's Day part deux). However, in May they have Children's Day, Parent's Day, and Teacher's day - which are all brilliant.

Children's Day means the kids don't usually have to go to school (which means neither do the teachers). Parents day is a combination of mother's AND father's day which is very convenient. And the gem of them all is Teacher's Day - where all of the kids bring pretty incredible presents for their teachers. I made out like a bandit and so did most at my school. Western friends of mine at other schools didn't get anywhere near the schwag that we got at SLP, and one of them didn't even get so much as a "Happy Teacher's Day" so he wasn't pleased.

I made out pretty well though, don't ya think?