Tiger World! No Tigers - Only Waterslides

I've had a busy couple of weeks lately and it's stemming from the realization that I've got roughly 6 months left here in Korea (I've extended my contract from August until Nov/Dec). So I'm now trying to do as much random stuff as I possibly can. One thing that wasn't on my list of things to do but somehow wound up doing anyway was a trip to Korea's biggest indoor waterpark - Tiger World.

Tiger World isn't really that big, but what's oddly fun is the fact that it really is entirely indoors. You walk away after a day of water fun with absolutely no sunburn - which is rather fantastic. It boasts 7 water slides, a lazy river, a children's area, and the best part - a spa including aromatherapy pools, a pool bar, hot spring waterfalls, sauna areas, and a very large hot tub pool with various full body jets.

The main area:

The only outside area:

Tiger World is open all year long and has a daytime and nighttime session. It is a rather large complex that also boasts indoor skiing as well as a golf range. During the day you can do the water park and spa for 38,000W - and if you buy 3 tickets you get 30% off. The best part about this place is that its only been open since 2007 and there weren't any lines anywhere until about 6:30pm. The best slide there is easily the biggest one - a straight shot tube that spits you out into a rather large bowl and spits you down into a deep pool. I highly recommend it...