Field Trip: Kids Sports Club

I've been SO lazy about updating this blog lately. For the summertime you are probably expecting more out of me, but due to a few circumstances life has been pretty slow. We did however take a field trip with the kiddies recently and it was actually pretty hilarious.

We hopped on our school buses, braced for a ride lasting an hour (it's what we were told) and about 2.4 minutes later we got off the buses to head into the Kids Sports Club to take the childrens swimming. Sounds like harmless fun right?

For the most part it was pretty entertaining. At the Kids Sports Club everything there is built for kids. The pool is in this room that I even had to bend down a bit as to not hit my head. They all went into their respective locker rooms to change and they came out in what looked like a parade of children in their stylistic bathing suits. I took a few pictures but it seems wrong to put photos of kids in very little clothing up on line.

I feel that the kids got gypped because once we got into the pool they had maybe 30 minutes of pool time? And I only got to play with maybe 6 kids in the "deep end". We were back at school by noon and we weren't supposed to be back until 12:30. They had fun though, so I guess that's all that matters. And I know I love field trips, especially ones where I don't have to do much babysitting and actually get to play. Plus I got to spend the morning with my favorites (and I do play favorites). I mean, look at these kids - how could you not?