Need a Job? My School Got Screwed.

Teaching in Korea is like any other job really. You work so many hours a week, you get an expected paycheck, you have your ups and downs everyday with the job, the subject matter, the staff - just like you would at any normal job. The differences are anyone can do this once you figure out what's expected of you and you're in a completely different culture that does things ass-backwards sometimes and you just have to roll with it. And the idea is that you're using it as a means to do other things like travel, or write, or just kill time and make money.

While living in Asia or teaching a second language, may not be for everyone if you've signed up for it you should at least give it a chance. Why do I say this? Well last month one of the girls on my staff was getting ready to go home since her contract was finished. My school hired another Canadian to replace her. The girl leaving left detailed instructions on all of her classes, was very organized, and helped the newbie with the lesson planning and such. The newbie was in Korea for 5 days, had training only and hadn't even taught a class yet, and did what we here call a 'Midnight Run.' She left Friday night with a note saying she couldn't take the heat (it was pretty hot the week she was here), the school and the kids seemed great, but she had personal reasons for going back home. I will not begrudge anyone for their personal reasons, but you're telling me you didn't have these reasons 6 days ago before you got on a 14 hour plane ride after 2 months of planning?

It takes anywhere from 1-2 months to secure a Visa to teach in this country now with all the new requirements. So in that one decision a person made to leave her responsibilities she has now created at least 2 months worth of extra overtime work for the people still here.

SO if you're reading this and want a job I have one for ya. If you've read this blog before you can see the kids and the field trips and such are pretty fun. Here are the specs:

Pay: 2.0 - 2.2 Million Won per Month (Roughly $2,000 USD)
Work hours: Up to 21 units per month, overtime if more (units being 80 minute classes)
Hours: 9:30am-7pm MWF or 9:30am-6pm T/T
One Month Bonus Pay at the end of a 1 year contract
50% health insurance
Round Trip Airfare
Single Apartment very close to the school, shops, subway, food.
10 days vacation + all major Korean Holidays
Staff includes 7 foreign teachers and 8 Korean teachers
Children ages are 5-13 all speaking levels.
Location: Suji (Yongin City) - 40 minutes south of Seoul (very cheap by taxi/bus/subway to go anywhere).

Native English Speaker
4 year Bachelor's Degree
Clean Criminal Records
Signed Contract
Picture of yourself

contact me if you're interested.