A Week Long Summer Vacation Not Spent Wisely

Remember as a kid, growing up and getting something ridiculous like 3 months of summer vacation? They could be used in so many different ways and usually all spent outside enjoying being a kid? Yea, those were the good ol' days.

Well Korean kids don't get that luxury. They go to school all year long and their summer vacation is generally about a week or two. AND because they go to so many schools their vacations might not sync up right. For example, my school's vacation is this last week of July but some of my kids don't get off from their public school until next week. SO its LESS school, but possibly never NO school. What a sad life for these kids when you think about it.

Either way, I did jack during this week. I wanted to travel somewhere BUT current funding levels are at a low so I just stuck around the Suj. I got a haircut, did some shopping, ate food I haven't had in months, and watched an AWFUL lot of Prison Break. Relaxing has been nice actually. Tomorrow I may do some touristy things and go see an old Korean Prison and maybe a palace. I have realized I am a creature that needs routine in order to be productive. Laziness does prevail with me. Also, this is how you know you've been in a country for too long - nothing seems entirely new anymore.